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Glazing, glazing and more glazing.

Glazing, glazing and more glazing. I have about 75 pieces dip, clean up and place in kiln before tonight! Yesterday I really thought I was ahead, so I made a few tests and now I’m late. Oops. But don’t worry people, all these pieces are going to be ready for Etsy: Made in Canada (Ottawa) this week-end.

Shopping in Verdun

Here I am on my day off, leisurely shopping in Verdun and still checking out pottery like an obsessive person! These two mugs are very similar in shape but the top one (by @not_madeinchina ) is nice and smooth with an interesting surface while the other one (mass produced) is gritty and must be incredibly annoying to handle and wash. Good design makes a huge difference.

Mug prototype number 2

Mug prototype number 2. It’s getting there but today I’m mixing up about 20 tests for various glazes and combos so I can come up with something interesting for the insides of my mugs. I’ve been wanting to explore glazes for a long time but didn’t have a product I could do it with. I’m glad I can finally go crazy with colors on a piece!