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Mug prototype number 2

Mug prototype number 2. It’s getting there but today I’m mixing up about 20 tests for various glazes and combos so I can come up with something interesting for the insides of my mugs. I’ve been wanting to explore glazes for a long time but didn’t have a product I could do it with. I’m glad I can finally go crazy with colors on a piece!

Mug prototype

I had to do regular checkups at the hospital this morning and now that it’s done I really feel like I deserve this coffee! I’m also starting to like this prototype. It’s been around for about a month and I totally hated it at fist. I still think it could use a little ‘pop’. I’m thinking using a colored glaze on the inside. What do you think?
• • •
Un café bien mérité à l’atelier pendant que je réfléchis sur mon prototype de tasse. Il est sorti du four il y a quelques semaine et au départ je le détestais. Je commence à l’aimer un peu mais il lui manque quelque chose encore. Qu’en pensez-vous?

Street Sale

I’ve spent the summer holed up in my studio so it’s time to come out! I’ll be selling my wares next week at the plaza St-Hubert street sale in partnership with Senthé. It’s the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun by shopping outside and to discover a cozy teashop.