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Deal of the day!

All set up and ready to start the day! The lucky first 100 people in the show get a swag bag filled with surprises. Mine is 15% off your purchase today! The same deal will be offered tomorrow if you feel like getting up early.

Studio messes

@cheerfullymade has asked that we post photos of our studio messes. My work is all in the kiln now and most of my tools are clean (they rust if they don’t get cleaned immediately after usage) so here’s yesterday’s setup for glazing. I know it’s not the worst mess around, but what can I say? Mess in a ceramics studio = dust = health hazard.

Glazing, glazing and more glazing.

Glazing, glazing and more glazing. I have about 75 pieces dip, clean up and place in kiln before tonight! Yesterday I really thought I was ahead, so I made a few tests and now I’m late. Oops. But don’t worry people, all these pieces are going to be ready for Etsy: Made in Canada (Ottawa) this week-end.