This morning’s rain on a Ginko leaf

This morning’s rain on a Ginko leaf. The air is still warm with the heat of the summer but the yellowing leaves remind me that fall is coming soon. I spent most of my summer in the studio (submerged with orders and stress) even though I had promised myself I’d spend more time outside . As the busiest seasin of the year is around the corner I’ve finally managed to wrangle my stress ro manageable levels and I am looking forward to drinking ridiculous amounts of hot tea and wearing three layers of clothing at all times
• • •
J’ai pris un moment ce matin pour regarder les gouttes d’eau sur les feuilles de ginko. L’été est passé en un éclair et j’ai passé la majorité du temps dans mon atelier ensevelie sous le stress et les commandes. Alors que l’automne -la saison la plus mouvementée de l’année- approche, je suis contente d’avoir réussi à diminuer mon stress à un niveau tolérable. J’ai hâte de voir les feuilles changer de couleur et de boire des quantités ridicules de thé chaud.
• • •
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I’m always so happy when I receive good feedback! Thank you @thebirchtrail! And thank you @etsymtl for organizing a great event last week-end. This was my last show of the year. It is still possible to get pieces from me at selected retail locations. If you are interested, follow the link in my bio and look up stockists.